The program

  • 1st block of 16 weeks: Market Assessment
    Kick-off & World Trends
    Marketing Management
    Strategy Management
    Disruption & Sustainability
    Economy & Innovation
    Paper Market Assesment
  • 2nd block of 16 weeks: Patient Digitization
    Digital Marketing
    IT & Web Management
    Big Data, AI & Algorithms
    Digitalisation in the pharma
    Paper Patient Digitisation
    Residential Seminar at University of Europe - Germany “The changing market and digitalisation”
  • 3rd block of 16 weeks: Business Innovation
    Brand Management
    Customer Journey
    Project Management
    Blue Ocean & Design Thinking
    Paper Business Innovation
  • 4th block of 16 weeks: Process Optimization
    Supply Chain Management
    Sales/Procurement Management-1
    Sales/ Procurement Management-2
    Financial Management
    Private Equity & Venture Capital
    Paper Process Optimisation
    Residential Seminar at University of Europe - Germany “Innovation and Process Optimisation”
  • 5th block of 16 weeks: Healthcare Leadership
    Strategy and implementation (Business Simulation – part 1)
    (Business Simulation – part 2)
    Henry V
    Reading Organisations
    Paper Healthcare Leadership
  • 6th block of 16 weeks: Change Management
    Value & Risk Management
    Change Management & Culture
    Business Ethics
    CEO Dilemma’s
    Paper Change Management
    Residential Seminar at University of Europe - Germany “Leadership and Change Management” & Graduation
    Plus 20 digital webinars of 1 ½ hours spread over the 20 months

For more inspiration, extra (digital) evenings will be organized during the entire training with very current topics within the field of pharmacy.

Actual topics and research will be presented and discussed.

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Personal advise


Professor Sybren Tijmstra

Dean MBA pharmacy

Peter Felen MSc

Director MBA pharmacy